SAI Paint Tool 2

You can get an excellent design with more advanced features using the software. This Sai Paint Tool 2 application runs on Windows operating system and was developed by Developer(s) Systemmax software and was first released on February 25, 2008.

You can make any kind of drawing you like on the canvas you create. In addition to the mouse, you can also use the keyboard to use shortcuts. You have to press control Z on the keyboard to remove something if you make a mistake while drawing. Also, if you want to find your design, you need to click on controls.

You can enlarge the eraser here by using the square brackets on the keyboard. You can see it here. You can adjust the stabilization with the Stabilization tool. If you set it to zero, You will find it easier to draw straight lines.

Those of you who like art will also have the opportunity to add a great color combination to your design. You will be given a set of color tools to do this, which also have options to change the luminescence. You can also adjust the pressure of the brush you get.

Users can use the Paint Tool SAI 2 Download software for free from our official website.

SAI Paint Tool 2